The beautiful state of Uttarakhand has a very simple, yet delicious cuisine. The food is nutritious as well as tasty. The primary food of Uttarakhand includes vegetables, though the non-veg food is also served and savoured by many. The primary characteristics of the Uttarakhand cuisine are that milk and milk-based products are sparingly used here.

Coarse grain with high fibre content is very common in Uttarakhand cuisines. Other food items which are famous are – mundua (Buckwheat) in the interior regions of Kumaun, linguda, which is grown on the borders of Tibet and Nepal. It is also a part of the Pahari cuisine as it helps to keep the stomach in order.

Generally, either pure ghee or mustard oil is used for the purpose of cooking food. Use of tomato is minimal in the cuisines of Uttarakhand. Simple recipes of this state are made interesting with the use of hash seeds as a spice.

Some of the famous cuisines of Uttarakhand include the following:

  • Garhwal ka Fannah
  • Chainsoo
  • Kafuli
  • Jholi
  • Phaanu
  • Thechwani
  • Baadi
  • Ras
  • Bhatt ki Churdkani
  • Badil
  • Arsa (Dessert)
  • Gulgula
  • Black and White Roti
  • Mandua ki Roti
  • Kulath ki Dal
  • Swala
  • Urad Bhuda
  • Palau
  • Kandalee ka saag
  • Jhangora ki kheer